Posted on September 26, 2018

The Public Works Authority ‘Ashghal’ announced the commencement of the Umm Al-Dome Street and Al-Muaither Street Upgrade Project in Muaither, as part of its efforts to enhance traffic flow and ease congestion in all parts of the country.

Eng. Salem Mohammed Al-Shawi, Assistant Roads Projects Department Manager at Ashghal, said that the project will develop two of the most popular and most crowded commercial streets in the country, as they include a large number of shops and service centers that receive visitors from all areas. They also lead to many surrounding neighborhoods on both of their sides.

Eng. Salem Al-Shawi added that the project will enhance the traffic movement in the area and decrease the daily congestion on Umm Al-Dome and Al-Muaither streets, in addition to increasing the traffic safety on them. The two streets will be developed to include two lanes in one direction, instead of one lane in each direction with no separation. Thus, Umm Al-Dome Street will include two lanes in the direction, starting from the street known as Muaither North Street to Al-Innabi Street, and Al-Muaither Street will include two lanes in the direction from Al-Innabi Street to Muaither North Street.

The project includes constructing and developing three signal-controlled intersections, which will facilitate access to the areas around these commercial streets. These are the intersection between Muaither North Street and Umm Al-Dome Street, the intersection between Muaither North Street and Al-Muaither Street, and the intersection between Al-Innabi Street and Al-Muaither Street. Project works also include converting Bin Arhama Roundabout into a signal-controlled intersection. This is located at the intersection of Al-Wajba Street with Al-Shafi Street (to the North) and Al-Salam Street (to the South). Al-Innabi and Muaither North Streets will also witness a range of development works.

Ashghal Commencement of Umm 2 [].jpg

This in addition to providing 1084 car parking bays, cycle racks in 21 locations, street lighting, pavement, road signs and pedestrian crossings to enhance road safety, as well as landscaping in some areas within the project. Infrastructure services will also be developed, such as constructing and upgrading the stormwater drainage system, developing the drainage network, constructing a new TSE network to be used in irrigation, and protecting the existing utility lines. The project will be implemented by “Petroserv” and “Strukton” joint venture at a cost of around 166 million Qatari Riyals, and it is expected to be completed in Q3, 2019.

In order to reduce the impact of construction works on the area’s residents and visitors during the project period, the Public Works Authority studied and designed the implementation phases so as to complete the project in shortest possible time. All entrances to residential areas and commercial establishments will be kept open, and alternative roads will be provided when any closure or diversion is implemented. Residents and visitors of the area can also use Al Salam Street as well as the new road constructed in Al-Wajba area, which is parallel to Umm Al-Dome Street from its Western side, to facilitate access to and from the area and avoid passing by construction works within the project.