Posted on September 18, 2018

The Public Works Authority ‘Ashghal’ has received a gold achievement award from the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA) for Doha South Sewage Infrastructure Programme. The award acknowledges the programme’s outstanding occupational health and safety performance during 2017. In addition to adopting the best risk management practices effective in all aspects of the programme implementation.

The award was received by Eng. Khalid Saif Al-Khayareen, Drainage Networks Projects Department Manager at the Public Works Authority ‘Ashghal’ as part of a ceremony held in Glasgow, UK. Since its start, the programme achieved outstanding occupational health and safety performance, through adopting a successful strategy that requires constant vigilance and commitment from top leadership at Ashghal, the Management and Supervision Consultant, Contractors down to the construction workers on-site. This award recognizes the tireless efforts of the entire team to plan for and ensure that all the works are executed safely.

Ashghal Doha South Sewage 2 [].jpg

The strong safety performance and alignment is supported by a committed leadership team, weekly Health, Safety and Environment (HES) site tours, ongoing positive working relationships and collaborative between supervisors and contractors, and supervisory staff empowered to step in and stop unsafe works on-site.

The programme includes the construction of a 16-kilometer main trunk sewer project, divided into three segments, Eastern, Northern and Western, which will be excavated using 11 shafts. In addition, the programme comprises of approximately 24 kilometers of lateral sewer tunnels project. The lateral tunnels are being completed using 170 shafts at different locations within Doha South. The flows from these lateral sewers will be conveyed to three segments of the main tunnels, which will then convey these flows to the existing Doha South Sewage Treatment Plant through a 40m deep foul sewerage pumping station.

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An important feature of the programme is the gravity main trunk sewer that will link a number of areas in the south of Doha to the sewage network, it will reduce the environmental impacts by fully controlling the odours at the sewage treatment works and conveying system, and reduce other environmental problems arising from sewage overflow due to excess hydraulic pressure on the existing drainage network, where sewage flows exceed its absorptive capacity.

The programme is designed to serve areas in the south of Doha and the expected population growth. It can be linked to future infrastructure projects when completed, it will enable the decommissioning of more than twenty old pumping stations currently located in the residential and commercial areas in the south of Doha. The programme will be completed in stages starting from Q1, 2019.