Posted on August 28, 2016

The Flow Diversion Scheme from Al-Jazeera Street in Ben Mahmoud Area to Al Maha Intersection at GCC Street has been completed as planned, the Public Works Authority ‘Ashghal’ says. The upgrade, which started in December 2013 and was completed in July 2016, involved the de-commissioning of certain pumping stations with the aim of collecting and diverting all of the sewerage flows through pumping stations 5 and 31.

The de-commissioned stations included the temporary pumping station in Msheireb, PS 4 at Al-Bidda Park project land, PS 15/1 near Hamad Medical City, PS 26T and PS 26 near the Tennis and Squash Complex. Such reconfigurations would cut costs of operation and maintenance, in addition to reducing the possibility of malfunctions of equipment or rising mains that can impact the life of the surrounding population. Furthermore, in case of emergency, there are “flow diversion chambers” adjacent to the pumping stations to control the sewerage distribution through by allowing the diversion of the flow to the alternative Waste Water Treatment Plants (WWTPs) located in the north, south or west of Doha.

Ashghal Flow Diversion Scheme 2 [].jpg

The QR 66 million project would correspond to the accelerating development in Msheireb and Bin Mahmoud areas, accommodating the huge amounts of sewage discharge since the new Pipes are installed with a better flow capacity. The new sewerage system was constructed without any conflicts with the present and futuristic major projects; i.e the project ensured that the sewer lines do not conflict with the Road Tunnel projects The project also enables the construction of the pedestrian tunnels for Al-Bidaa Metro Station by diverting the sewerage flow away from the pedestrian tunnels. In addition, it provides future connections that will serve the drainage network for Al-Bidaa Park project.

Micro-tunneling technique, was used for the construction of a new 1200 mm diameter Interceptor Sewer with an approximate length of 4 km, and a new 800 mm diameter main sewer with an approximate length of 1.2 km. The project works also included the construction of 200 mm and 400 mm diameter sewer lines with an approximate length of 320 m, the construction of approximately 55 Very Deep GRP lined manholes, in addition to the abandonment and elimination of existing sewers and (manholes). Ashghal is currently working on a wide range of infrastructure programmes across the country, including: the Expressway Programme which will deliver some of the largest expressways in Qatar, and Drainage Projects Department which will deliver many sewerage drainage projects. Ashghal is also cooperating with working relevant Qatari authorities on significant building projects that include healthcare, educational, and general sector projects.

Ashghal Flow Diversion Scheme 3 [].jpg