Posted on August 31, 2016

Serving 75 thousand labours working on FIFA World Cup 2022 mega infrastructure, the Public Works Authority ‘Ashghal’ has completed the constructions of a new Labour City pumping station, rising main, and Treated Sewerage Effluent (TSE) line.

­­The works come as part of 4packages of pump station construction and rehabilitation projects, comprising the construction and upgrading of 27 pump stations and 18 rising mains spread across Doha, Al Wakra, Al Rayyan and Saliya executed within a span of 5.5 years. In line with the Qatari Labour Law, the utility renovations will provide a proper sanitary sewerage handling system, catering for the workers’ health and welfare.

Ashghal The Labour City new 2 [].jpg

The Labour City’s new constructions had a total value of QR 61.7 million, while the budget of the multi-phase pump station construction and upgrading program accounts for approximately QR1.1billion. The completed pump station along with the 5 km long rising main would discharge the sewage out of Labour City into the Industrial Treatment Plant with a maximum capacity of 417 Litre per Second. A Treated Sewerage Effluent (TSE) line, with a 3 km length, was also constructed to supply irrigation water to the labour city landscape to give a green and conducive environment for the workers.

Ashghal is currently working on a wide range of infrastructure programmes across the country, including: the Expressway Programme which will deliver some of the largest expressways in Qatar, and the Local Roads & Drainage Programme which will deliver many roads and integrated infrastructure projects in local areas . Ashghal is also cooperating with working relevant Qatari authorities on significant building projects that include healthcare, educational, and general sector projects.

Ashghal The Labour City new 3 [].jpg