Posted on September 10, 2017

The Public Works Authority opened today 10 September 2017 phase I of a project to convert the Olympic Roundabout to a signal-controlled intersection.

Phase I included opening three lanes in each direction at the intersection, in addition to installing traffic signals, a drainage network, and renewing deteriorating utilities’ pipes. Ashghal has also protected all existing utility pipes, and removed the roundabout’s residues in one week, which normally takes about a month of work. It is planned to complete the second phase of the project in October 2017, which will include opening a traffic signal that provides three lanes to turn left, in addition to a lane for U-turn. Opening Phase I of the project provides the same level of traffic flow that the roundabout used to provide, but after completion of Phase 2, the traffic flow will be much better.

Ashghal Opening of Phase I 2 [].jpg

Converting Olympic Roundabout to a signal-controlled intersection is part of Phase 3 of Developing Al Rayyan Street. The project includes developing and widening three intersections, which are Olympic Intersection, Al Shura Council Intersection, and Ahmad bin Ali Intersection, also known as Bin Omran Intersection. This is in addition to developing Al Rayyan Street, so all mentioned intersections have four lanes in each direction, in addition to the service roads. The full project is scheduled to be completed in August 2018.

Because of the location of the roundabout, the project needed to be done over two phases, and opening of Phase I was necessary to enable Ashghal to work on Phase 2. Ashghal noted that travelers heading to Madinat Khalifa and Bin Omran through Messila Tunnel on Al Rayyan Road, should not use Al Rayyan Bridge and use Al Rayyan Roundabout instead, without the need to go through Olympic Intersection.