Posted on June 08, 2016

The Public Works Authority announced opening of three bi-directional back roads near the Industrial Area, specifically behind “Barwa Commercial Avenue”, as part of Rawdat Al Khail Street Extension project which is currently being implemented by Ashghal within its Expressway Programme. Another two back roads will be opened during Q3 of this year.

The back roads located behind “Barwa Commercial Avenue” include five bi-directional roads extending over 8 kilometres. Three of those roads have been open, while the remaining two roads are being completed soon. Once complete, the five roads will provide easy and safe access to the offices and commercial and residential establishments located near the Industrial Area. The roads also include car parking, pavement, and landscaping.

Ashghal Opening of three back 2 [].jpg

The back roads network is part of Rawdat Al Khail Street Extension project implemented by the Public Works Authority under its Expressway Programme. The project includes the construction of a 17km dual carriageway along Bu Hamour/Al Muntazah Street, from the East Industrial Road Intersection to Woqod Intersection. The main road will include four lanes in each direction, separated by a median, with adjacent service roads along the line. The main line of the F-Ring Road will include three lanes in each direction, separated by a median.

Rawdat Al Khail Street Extension project will contribute to improving the traffic movement and ease the traffic congestion in the area. The project will also connect the Industrial Area with the centre of Doha City, facilitate access to Barwa City and the commercial areas, and connect the F-Ring Road with the Wholesale Market Street and Mesaimeer Road. This is in addition to providing a wide network of pedestrian and cyclist lanes to enhance traffic safety.

Ashghal Opening of three back 3 [].jpg