Posted on November 09, 2016

The public works authority ’Ashghal’ continues to implement its community outreach programme which aims at promoting awareness about Ashghal’s projects across the country, and to keep different segments of the public informed about the projects’ development stages, the progress made, and the current works on the ground.

As part of this programme, the authority organizes site visits and tours to its projects periodically throughout the year. These site visits include presentations given by project engineers, which explain all of the projects’ details and the benefits they will bring, whether to the roads network or to the country’s infrastructure. In this connection, Ashghal organised a site visit to the Doha West Sewage Treatment Works (STW) project, where 60 students were invited from the Middle East International School. Prior to the site tour, Students attended a presentation, in which they were briefed about the details and benefits of the project. Students were then accompanied in a tour at the site of the project, were they were given a detailed explanation about the project, and they watched the achieved works so far on the ground.

Ashghal organises site visit 2 [].jpg

It is worth mentioning that the authority is implementing   the Fifth Expansion of the Doha West Sewage Treatment Works, which aims at increasing the plant’s capacity from 174.5 thousand cubic metres to 280 thousand cubic metres per day. It is worth mentioning that the treatment plant, located exactly in Al Sailiya, began operating with a capacity of around 20 thousand cubic metres per day, and due to the population increase, the plant was expanded several times until its capacity reached about 174.5 thousand cubic metres after the fourth expansion. Currently, the plant receives approximately 200 cubic metres per day.

Ashghal organises site visit 3 [].jpg

A reception sewage tank terminal with a capacity of up to 50 thousand cubic meters per day was constructed as an alternative to Al Karaanah landfill, which required the implementation of a fifth expansion to increase the plant’s capacity to 280 thousand cubic metres per day. The fifth expansion works include secondary treatment, sludge treatment and drying, tertiary treatment, construction of treated water pumping station, and the construction of a new system to sterlise treated water without affecting the natural environment surrounding the treatment plant.

This visit comes as part of Ashghal’s social responsibility and its aim to strengthen the public’s awareness of the authority’s key role in developing the country’s infrastructure.