Posted on December 08, 2014

The Public Works Authority ‘Ashghal’ organised a media meeting for the Doha Industrial Area project on 7 December. During the meeting, Eng. Saoud Al Tamimi Manager of Roads Projects Department in Ashghal and Eng. Ahmed Al Obaidly the project engineer responsible for the roads projects in Qatar south gave the media an introduction to the project and the latest progress updates so far.

A site visit followed the meeting where journalists got more details about the works taking place on site and spoke to the project engineers. continues its efforts to accelerate the implementation of Local Roads and Drainage Programme works. The programme includes some projects for comprehensive rehabilitation and development of infrastructure, and other projects to create an integrated infrastructure in some undeveloped areas. The development of roads and infrastructure in Doha Industrial Area is one of the major projects under this programme, as it aims to make a comprehensive improvement to this vital area known for high traffic density and large number of businesses.

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To facilitate the implementation process, the project has been divided into several phases. The first package commenced at the beginning of this year in January,and it extends over an area of approximately 480 hectares. This phase of the project consists of works to redesign and upgrade the existing road network and associated utilities. It also includes the construction and rehabilitation of roads with a total length of more than 38 km. These include 18 km of local roads, 7 km of collector roads, and 14 km of arterial roads in addition to 19 intersections to organise and manage traffic,and significantly improve the existing transportation system.

The project will include the protection, relocation and upgrading of the existing utilities, such as potable water lines, electrical cables and substations, telecommunication networks for telephone and security systems, as well as the construction of Treated Sewage Effluent network for irrigation of the soft landscaping and public gardens. The project will also include the construction of a large tank to collect storm water that will accommodate a very large amount of rain even after heavy and continuous rainfall, as well developing and upgrading the drainage and sewerage systems, including micro tunneling works. In addition, the project will also establish an updated street lighting system incorporating most advanced technologies, and replace the old boundary walls separating the existing facilities and streets with new walls.

When complete, the new and advanced drainage systems will eliminate the problems of sewage overflow and surface and ground water collection, and the need for trucks or tankers to extract water. The new system will meet all the requirements of industrial and commercial business owners, and will ensure efficient water drainage, in addition to protecting the area from any potential hazard resulting from unforeseen weather conditions, and enhancing the general view of the area.

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The Public Works Authority will provide roads and infrastructure implemented according to the highest standards. This will include upgrade of existing roads, establishment of traffic signalised intersections, multi-level intersections and pedestrians and cyclists paths, in addition to the installation of lighting systems, and beautification and landscaping works. The works will result in various benefits, reflected in a developed, safer road network, a smoother traffic flow, reduced pollution and a better environment.

The estimated cost of the first package of this project is approximately QR 1.4 billion. This significant project will develop an area that serves more than 580 land plots allocated for commercial projects and have a positive impact on commercial and industrial business owners. The project will enhance the position of Doha Industrial Area and the overall public opinion. Ashghal has made good progress in the implementation of the project works. It is currently working on the excavation of trenches, construction of concrete examination and maintenance rooms (inspection rooms), installation of pipes for surface and ground water drainage systems on the West Industrial, Al Barradat, and Al Binaa streets.

The removal of asphalt layer of the existing roads and excavation to the formation level in West Industrial and Al Manager Streets are in progress. This is in addition to implementation of dewatering works in all trenches, and treatment before drainage to the authorised region.Micro tunnel shafts at Road 15 are being constructed in order to connect to the drainage network. Excavation in some areas has also started in preparation for the construction of a new boundary wall.

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The construction contract of package one was awarded at the beginning of last January to Qatari Trading & Contracting Group & MSF Engenharia, SA,joint venture (JV) and it is expected to be completed in Q2 of 2016.

As part of its keenness to communicate effectively with the local community and commercial and industrial businesses owners in the Doha Industrial Area, the authority distributes brochures to all residents including information about the project components and benefits. The authority also responds to all inquiries, suggestions and complaints through its social media networks and contact centre, which operates around the clock seven days a week, as well as providing the SMS updates service through online registering on Ashghal’s website.

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