Posted on July 25, 2019

The Public Works Authority ‘Ashghal’ announces a partial closure of Gharrafat Al Rayyan Interchange and the service roads along Al Luqta Street, starting Saturday 27 July until Saturday 3 August 2019, to enable the works of the final layer of asphalt on Khalifa Avenue.

During this traffic change which is in coordination with the General Directorate of Traffic, all left movements on Gharrafat Al Rayyan Interchange, and the free right turn towards Gharrafat Al Rayyan, and the eastbound and westbound service roads on Al Luqta Street will be temporarily closed, affecting Qatar Foundation Gate 1. While the straight traffic movement between Doha and Dukhan will remain open for traffic, as well as Gharrafat Al Rayyan Tunnel.

Road users will have to follow the below directions according to their destinations, as shown on the attached map.

From Dukhan to Qatar Foundation Gate 1: Travelers heading eastbound to Doha on Al Luqta Street will have to use Gate 14 or Gate 2 and commuters on Al Rayyan Road will have to use Gate 15, instead of Gate 1.

From Al Rayyan and Dukhan to Gharrafat Al Rayyan area: Road users coming from Dukahn and Al Rayyan area heading towards Gharrafat Al Rayyan will be diverted to Bani Hajer Interchange or they can make a U-turn on Tilted Interchange.  

From Doha to Qatar Foundation: Road users heading westbound from Doha towards Qatar Foundation Gate 1, will have to make a U-Turn at Al Wajba Palace Interchange and continue on Al Luqta Street and then use Gate 14 instead.

From Doha to Gharrafat al Rayyan: Road users heading westbound from Doha towards Gharrafat Al Rayyan area will be diverted to internal roads from QNCC entrance and then guided by the use of directional signage to reach Gharrafat Al Rayyan area.

From Gharrafat Al Rayyan to Qatar Foundation and Doha: Road users heading southbound on Gharrafat Al Rayyan Street towards Qatar Foudnation and Doha will have to take Gharrafat Al Rayyan tunnel.

The Public Works Authority will install road signs advising motorists of the closure and requests all road users to abide by the 50kph speed limit and follow the road signs to ensure their safety.