Posted on July 10, 2015

For the third year in a row, Aspetar demonstrated its commitment to helping athletes achieve their full potential by partnering with the prestigious 2015 Leaders' Sports Performance Summit, which took place in New York recently, said Qatar Tribune. As one of the main partners of this two-day conference, Aspetar presented a comprehensive symposium and also presided over an informative discussion panel.

The symposium was entitled 'Cutting Edge Sports Medicine: Player Safety, Health and Concussions?' It featured Professor Roald Bahr, Head of the Aspetar Injury and Illness Prevention Programme (Asprev) alongside some of the world's leading concussion experts from the fields of neurology and sports medicine. The session addressed practical methods that can be applied by clubs management and executive sports administration in both professional and amateur sporting organisations.

During the elite panel discussion, Professor Roald Bahr, Head of the Aspetar Injury and Illness Prevention Programme (Asprev), said:"Across the world, sports are making drastic improvements to player safety. With investments in revolutionary sports science and medicine programmes yielding results, the timing is perfect to bring together the leading medical practitioners from major world sports to discuss how they are approaching these crucial issues, and the implications for developing athletes in their sport".

Senior figures from Aspetar attended the event including Ibrahim Aldarwish, Chief Operating Officer, Professor Roald Bahr, Head of Sports Injury and Illness Prevention Programme, and Dr Yorck Olaf Schumacher, Sports Medicine Physician. The Leaders Sport Performance Summit in New York gathers every year 500 of sport's most elite coaches, managers, sporting directors, technical directors and performance directors to exchange ideas and knowledge, inspiring excellence in sport.

By igniting discussions around peak performance, showcasing ideas and uncovering hidden opportunities, the event adds to professional excellence by providing a platform for professionals, who otherwise would not cross paths, to exchange ideas and contribute to achieving competitiveness in the field at its best level.