Posted on July 17, 2017

In a press conference held at the Aspire Dome on Monday, Aspire Academy and ‘ALDOHA Link for Information Technology (IT)’ signed a new partnership agreement to develop online content to elevate the learning experience for the Academy’s student-athletes.

Under the agreement, ‘ALDOHA Link for Information Technology (IT)’ will develop e-content for Aspire Academy, with an interactive interface to allow students to access the curriculum and assignments as well as engage in online discussions with peers and teachers, anywhere and at any time.

The agreement was signed by Mr. Badr Al-Hay, Director of Education and Student Affairs at Aspire Academy, and Mr. Hamad Rashed Al Nuaimi, Chairman of ALDOHA Link for IT. Also in attendance were Dr. Ali Al Hitmi, Deputy Director of Education and Student Affairs at Aspire Academy, Mr. Jassem Al-Jaber, Aspire Academy’s School Principal, Mr. Saeed Ali Al Marri, Football Administration Manager, Mr. Nasser Saeed Aleida, Procurement, Warehouse & Contracts Manager at Aspire Academy, and Mr. Hisham Mustafa, General Manager of ALDOHA Link for IT.

Aspire Academy and ALDOHA 2 [].jpg

Speaking at the signing ceremony, Mr. Badr Al-Hay, Director of Education and Student Affairs at Aspire Academy, said: “We’re very proud of this new partnership between us and ALDOHA Link for IT which will elevate the educational experience of Aspire Academy’s student-athletes, and reflect positively on the education system in Qatar.” 

He added, “Aspire Academy has always sought to bring in the best expertise, innovative technologies and knowledge to its student-athletes as it moves towards achieving its vision of becoming one of the best sports academies in the world. To do that, Aspire Academy makes sure to utilize the latest technological advances in the field of sport and education. Given that technology occupies much of our youth’s time, and plays a vital role in how they receive information, making use of an online educational programme will be vital in delivering our curriculum in a way that our students typically prefer to learn. Having an online interactive platform that extends beyond the conventional classroom setting is a perfect education tool to match our students’ way of learning and often mobile lifestyle, helping them stay on top of their studies anywhere at any time.”

Aspire Academy and ALDOHA 3 [].jpg

Meanwhile, Mr. Hamad Rashed Al Nuaimi, Chairman of ALDOHA Link for IT commented: “Aspire Academy is one of the leading educational and sports institutions in the world, and we’re proud to partner with them. Our company seeks to add value to the education field in Qatar, as per the Qatar National Vision 2030 which seeks to develop a knowledge-based economy characterised by innovation, entrepreneurship and excellence in education.” This MoU is a testament to Aspire Academy’s leading role in developing the young people of Qatar into future leaders. In particular, it highlights the Academy’s focus on producing well-rounded citizens both in terms of academic and sporting achievement, and equipping young people with strong educational backgrounds that promote interactivity and innovation within a safe learning environment.

Since opening its doors in 2004, Aspire Academy has become one of the foremost national sports academies in the world, sitting at the heart of a sporting revolution currently underway in Qatar and the region. Working as part of Aspire Zone Foundation, the Academy develops its student-athletes holistically, providing them with a comprehensive academic, social and sporting education in a unique setting in which programmes are designed around student capabilities and needs, factoring in time at training camps and championships.