Posted on May 06, 2015

Aspire Zone will be launching the first edition of the Aspire Fitness Challenge, which will be taking place throughout three weekends in a row, on May 15, and 16, 22 and 23, and 29 and 30 at the Aspire Dome Indoor Athletics Track. This event comes as part of Aspire Zone’s continuous efforts to support and sustain a healthy population by providing open facilities and a variety of year-round community-focused sports activities.

With just a couple more weeks till the launch, Aspire Zone is now accepting applications for participation in the Aspire Fitness Challenge. The only eligible applicants are men over 18 years of age. All entrants will undergo a physical exam to determine the 40 applicants most suitable for the challenge. During the competition, 300 adult male participants will take part in 10 activities to complete the full challenge and 40 only will be selected for the final. These will include the following: 60, 540 and 1,500 meter runs, sit ups, push ups, pull ups, stand jump, medical ball throw, rope climbing and circuit activity.

The contestant with the highest accumulated score will win first place. Winners will be determined based on the best-recorded score of each individual. A range of amazing prizes will be awarded to the winners, in addition to a number of giveaways for the 40 qualified participants. When commenting about the event, Mr. Abdulla Al Khater, Events Manager at Aspire Zone said: “We are on an ongoing mission to continuously add new world-class events and year-round activities for the community to take part in and enjoy, while getting in shape. We are very happy to be contributing to a healthier future.”

Time is running out! Prove that you’re one of the fittest men in Qatar and apply for a spot in the Aspire Fitness Challenge today! To register for the event and for more information, please visit