Posted on March 22, 2016

ASTAD participated in the 13th instalment of MEED's Qatar Projects Conference on 16 March to demonstrate its expertise within the construction industry. The two-day event, which was held at the St Regis Hotel in Doha, brought together industry leaders spanning government representatives, project owners, developers, consultants and financiers to address the evolving challenges of Qatar's project delivery market and to highlight the delivery of the Qatar National Vision 2030.

ASTAD Chief Executive Officer, Eng. Ali Al-Khalifa, contributed to the conference through a presentation in which he discussed Qatar's market overview in changing times. He elaborated on the contractual challenges faced within Qatar's construction industry and outlined best practices stating: "The construction industry within Qatar and the region is undergoing repetitive contractual challenges which often escalates to disputes and claims, interfering with successful project completion".

The presentation highlighted the challenge of adversarial relationships between contractors and employers, and Al-Khalifa focused on overcoming these challenges, by developing contracts to improve the standard operations of the region’s construction industry that strike the right balance between parties and understand local laws, global best practices, and regional operational realities. ”Our Commercial and Operational Division’s at ASTAD have been analyzing the industry’s contractual challenges and have developed an Inclusive Suite of Contracts which aims to avoid them as much as possible. Our new development is well underway and will be available to the market very soon”.

The ASTAD Inclusive Suite of Contracts intends to improve the ineffective contractual culture within the region by promoting fairness and equity between parties. ASTAD aims for it to become an invaluable addition to the existing forms of contracts currently being used within the construction industry.

To conclude his presentation, Al-Khalifa stated: “At ASTAD, we are committed to promoting best practice and we continuously strive to utilize our teams’ expertise and ambition to enhance the construction industry, supporting our journey towards the Qatar National Vision 2030. Clear contractual procedures play an essential role in the successful completion of construction projects and I am confident that our Inclusive Suite of Contracts will prove to be a valuable aid within this industry, assisting to set new standards for Qatar and the Gulf.”

With all of the mega infrastructural plans for Qatar’s future ahead of the 2022 FIFA World Cup and the Qatar National Vision 2030, ASTAD is determined to continuously promote best practice and support the on-going development of Qatar.