Posted on March 17, 2015

ASTAD, Qatar’s premier project management consultancy supported and partnered a successful construction industry health and safety event held on March 17th, organized by Qatar Construction Week.

The HSE Breakfast Briefing event brought together construction industry leaders and health, safety and welfare experts to exchange experiences and expertise in the field. Various Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) specialists conducted presentations and addressed the evolving challenges that the Qatar construction market faces. The importance of finding solutions specifically tailored to suit Qatar’s growing economy and population was highlighted at the event.

ASTAD partners with Construction [].JPGChief Human Capital and Shared Services Officer, Mr. Nasser Al-Hajri delivered the keynote speech for the event where he outlined Qatar’s predicament from a global perspective. He stressed that health, safety and welfare concerns are not indigenous to Qatar. Instead, Mr. Al-Hajri asserted that Qatar’s health and safety record has come under a spotlight due to its rapid growth and fast paced development. Mr. Al-Hajri said, “In the next few years our region will host some of the world’s most high-profile events, such as the FIFA World Cup 2022 in Qatar. And, just as this spectacle will bring opportunities to our sector, it will also present a specific set of challenges. We should be in no doubt that the eyes of the world are upon us as we embark upon our bold developmental projects, and health and safety protocols must remain paramount.”

ASTAD provided their own input through a presentation titled “Keeping the spotlight on lessons learned”. The presentation underlined the importance of archiving and documenting previous experiences in a way that they can be used to prevent future incidents. Sharing these practices with fellow industry professionals was recognized as a critical element of ensuring progress in improving health and safety procedures across the construction sector. ASTAD presented the model they implement to ensure that all health and safety incidents are fully evaluated and contribute towards bettering ASTAD’s HSE policies and procedures for all future projects.

In light of the event, ASTAD Chief Executive Officer Ali Al-Khalifa said “Our team has made substantial efforts in reflecting the importance of Health and Safety as a value in our projects’ success. Testaments to our tireless efforts in this regard are the 20 million man-hours without Loss Time Incidents (LTI) at the National Museum of Qatar and 30 million man-hours without LTIs at the Lusail Multipurpose Hall. We are working towards maintaining this business practice in the future and reach even more similar milestones not only at ASTAD, but throughout the industry.”

Other participants at the breakfast addressed challenges in their own domain of expertise in the sector and provided insight on ways to overcome them.