Posted on February 18, 2016

ASTAD Project Management Company participated in the second edition of the Oman Contractors Forum & Awards 2016. The participation aimed at sharing the experience and knowledge gained as well as spreading awareness about the best practices within the construction industry. The two-days event, which took place in Muscat, Oman (25-26 January 2016), brought together distinguished regional and international speakers featuring leading contract specialists, contractors, consultants, engineers, and other experts in the industry.

ASTAD participated in the Forum with a presentation titled “Adopting global best practice in our construction contracts to meet the challenges we face within the region” presented by ASTAD’s Senior Claims and Compliance Manager. The presentation focused on the need to rethink the procurement process of projects and the drafting of contracts. This was not only to meet the immediate challenge of falling oil prices, but also to be seen as a region that continually adopts the principles of best practice.

The presentation also emphasized the idea, that if construction companies are to succeed, they have to devise new approaches to the challenges in the construction sector, improve the way business is conducted and to embrace best practices. With all the mega infrastructural plans for the future in the Gulf, ASTAD is determined to embark upon an ambitious program of reform by developing improved contractual procedures.

ASTAD Chief Executive Officer, Engineer Ali Al-Khalifa commended the Forum for bringing experts together to discuss numerous ways and approaches to counter the challenges surrounding the construction industry in the Gulf. He elaborated: “The standard of contracts within the construction industry needs to be improved. They are a key cause of delays, disputes and, ultimately, higher and unforeseen costs. At a time when the progression of the nation’s infrastructure is a priority, we must make a concerted effort to ensure that all construction-related contracts are effective and agreeable to all parties.”

Since ASTAD PM had already established “ASTAD International”, Engineer Al-Khalifa commented on the expansion of ASTAD, saying: “The establishment of ASTAD International has enabled us to pursue the development of the construction industry across the wider region. The Oman Contractors Forum & Awards was the perfect platform to share our expertise beyond Qatar; giving insight to the key causes of contractual challenges faced within the region and introducing our home-grown solution, which can be adopted and personalized to suit the needs of Oman, and any other GCC Country.”

Commenting on ASTAD’s participation and the presentation made, Chief Commercial Officer, Abdulaziz Al-Mulla (pictured) stated that “ASTAD aims to implement productive change in the construction sector. We are now well underway with our new undertaking with a new inclusive suite of construction contracts. With these new construction contracts aiming to act as a supportive tool within the industry, we hope to bring a more efficient contractual culture in the Gulf.” He further added, “The contracts are a result of lessons learned from the unique types of contractual challenges faced within the region. They intend to improve the ineffective contractual culture by offering fair contractual procedures and ensuring seamless and functional allocation of liabilities."