Posted on November 02, 2017

Weill Cornell Medicine – Qatar (WCM-Q) has honored 43 high-achieving students by recording their names on the Dean’s Honors List.

The students’ hard work was recognized at a dinner in their honor, an event that is seen as one of the highlights of the medical college’s academic year. To appear on the Dean’s Honors List, each student has had to achieve an average GPA of 3.75 or higher in either the Fall 2016, or Spring 2017 semesters, a sign of exemplary academic achievement. Dr. Javaid Sheikh, dean of WCM-Q, invited the students on stage to receive a commemorative gift, and paid tribute to their commitment to their studies.

Dr. Sheikh said: “Everyone on this list should feel extremely proud of what they have achieved. Academic success requires hard work, perseverance and focus and I am sure your professors, family and friends are as impressed as I am at your dedication to your studies. "You all have very bright futures ahead of you.” The students, along with an audience of faculty, staff, family and friends, heard from Dr. Tania Jaber, an alumna of WCM-Q who graduated in 2011. Now working in the field of endocrine cancers, Dr. Jaber gave the 43 students some advice.

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She said: “Be humbled by what you know but more importantly by what you do not know. Don’t be afraid to ask questions and don’t be afraid to answer them. To look for the answers. To devise the experiment, the research study, the protocol. You will be surprised where it may take you. “Secondly do not be afraid to choose for yourself. To choose what you think is right or what works best for you. To choose your passion and your happiness.”

Salma Al-Mohannadi, who is in her first year of the medical curriculum, was one those inducted onto the list. She said in the first couple of years she hadn’t found it too difficult to maintain a 3.75 grade average, but with the advent of the new subject material it was getting harder. However, a new study schedule had helped her. She added: “I’m very honored to be on the Dean’s List and I feel like my efforts have been recognized and appreciated. Hopefully it will look good on my resume and open some doors for me in the future.”

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The students are: Haya Al-Taweel, Shaheen Rizly, Nasser Al-Kuwari, Ameena Shafiq, Salma Al-Mohannadi, Raihan El-Naas, Mohamed Hussine, Kawthar Al-Najar, Khalifa Al-Sulaiti, M Fatin Ishtiaq, Mohamad Alebrahim, Abdallah Elshafeey, Adeeb Narangoli, Ahmed   Fares, Zain Burney, Mohammad Salameh, Jungyoon Jung, Ibrahim Mohammed, Shahryar Rana, Hania Ibrahim, Ajay Menon, Amina Kunnummal, Karen John, Lolwa Al-Theyab, Abdallah Tom, Ramez Bodair, Heta Ladumor, Basel Humos, Rozaleen Aleyadeh, Moza Almohannadi, Tehniyat Baig, Muhammad Hassan Rehman, Mahmood Alorphaly, Wajiha Yousuf, Sarah Khan, Nada Mobayed, Seon Woo Kim, Isha Lamba, Shawn D'souza, Heba Altarawneh, Tasnim Mushannen, Najla Al-Eshaq, Aljazi Al-Khalifa.