Posted on March 22, 2014

Awsaj Academy, a member of Qatar Foundation for Education, Science and Community Development, hosted its latest workshop, informing parents about technologies that can assist individuals with special needs, available from the Qatar Assistive Technology Center, Mada. The fifth training session of the year was prepared and presented by a team of technology specialists from Mada.

Mada was created by ictQatar in 2010 to help individuals with special needs use information and communications technology such as computers, tablets, phones and televisions.

Through Mada, people with learning, visual, hearing, and physical disabilities including dyslexia, are able to use information computer technology without barriers, unlocking a world of opportunities and information. Even those who feel pain or discomfort when using a computer can benefit from Mada's services. As a non-profit organisation, Mada offers assessments, advice and training for everyone.

Participants at the workshop first learned the many difficulties that people with special needs face when using information and communications technology. Mada representatives then explained how these difficulties can be overcome by means of assistive technologies.

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They also described how citizens and residents of Qatar can obtain free assessments, advice, training, and loans for the assistive technologies from Mada.

Awsaj Academy believes parental guidance and involvement is critical to a child’s development, and has a significant impact on a student’s academic and social achievement.

It is part of the Academy’s mission to reach out to parents, ensuring they have the information needed to support and benefit their children. Therefore, the Academy works to involve parents in activities such as workshops, support groups, and volunteering activities.

So far this year, over 400 parents have attended Awsaj Academy workshops and expressed an interest to participate in future events.

Awsaj Academy is a K-12 specialised school that addresses the needs of students with learning challenges, an outreach centre that provides evaluation and professional development services to the community, and a Centre for Education Research and Development that conducts and promotes education research and reform initiatives that benefit all students, including those with academic challenges.