Posted on November 05, 2019

Baladna Q.P.S.C., a Qatari public shareholding company under incorporation (the “Company”), is pleased to announce that its subsidiary Baladna Food Industries W.L.L (“BFI”), Qatar’s largest dairy and beverage producer, outlined its vision for contributing to a secure and sustainable food supply in Qatar. The vision comes as Baladna has announced an IPO to enable Qatari citizens to share in BFI’s success and support its transformative role in sustainability.

Following the blockade in June 2017, Baladna embarked on an extensive program of significant investment in infrastructure, plant and machinery to increase its production capacity. As a result, the company has been celebrating their significant contribution to Qatar achieving 100% self-sufficiency in dairy products. With the population of Qatar expected to grow, Baladna has now outlined their vision for how the company will contribute to improving sustainability and food security in the country. The company is a key supporter of the Government’s Qatar National Food Security Programme.

Baladna has placed the health and wellness of the population at the heart of their vision for contributing to food security and sustainability. The company’s brand mission has been updated to focus on products which improve and maintain a healthy population, in which dairy products play a critical role. The company has been exploring partnerships with public and private sector organisations, including universities, to support research into improving sustainable production which will contribute to a secure food supply. These research projects are focussed on identifying new and better ways to improve sustainability, such as animal husbandry to improve animal health and productivity, as well as work with the community on diet and habits to support wellness.

Dr. Kamel Abdallah, Chief Executive Officer of Baladna Q.P.S.C, commented: “Baladna has played a major role in helping Qatar achieve self-sufficiency in dairy products, and as a key supporter of the National Food Security Programme, we know there is more we can do to help support food security and sustainability in Qatar.” “Our research partnerships – from improving animal health and productivity to supporting consumers to make healthy choices – will make a major contribution to achieving the aims of the Food Security Programme.” “And as we explore how to integrate the stages of production to support fresher and healthier products for consumers, there will be massive opportunities for both Baladna as a company and for our shared vision to support the wellness of ordinary Qataris.”

The company has also outlined its intention to ensure sustainability in food security by examining the opportunities for integrating the stages of production. From the blade of grass to the consumers’ fork, integrating production presents both a commercial opportunity for Baladna and for its stated purpose to improve freshness and support the wellness of the population. The company has announced its intention to float on the Qatar Stock Exchange, which will see Baladna Q.P.S.C incorporated as a public shareholding company which will hold 100% of the shares of BFI.

From 27 October 2019 until 7 November 2019, eligible investors will be able to subscribe to shares in the Offering, the proceeds of which are intended to finance the company’s recent expansion.