Posted on September 18, 2018

Banana Island Resort, the first luxury brand resort of its kind in Qatar, launched its own local project for beekeeping through the creation of dedicated hives on the island, aiming to produce and provide self-sufficiency of natural, organic and fresh honey, to be offered to resort’s guests during breakfast.

The project will be supervised by the newly appointed Riva Specialty Chef, Chef Oscar Bagattini. Beekeeping has been the passion of Chef Bagattini since he was a child. Influenced by his own father, he had more than 50 hives which produced more than 10 quintals of honey in a season.

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On this occasion, Chef Oscar Bagattini said, “Natural organic honey is considered an important dietary supplement during breakfast. Based on this fact we launched our Beekeeping project on the island to provide self-sufficiency through the establishment of two beehives in the first stage to provide natural honey to our guests. We will gradually increase the hives to 10 in the near future.”

Commenting on this initiative, Mr. Andreas Haugg, Executive Assistant Manager in-charge of F&B at the Banana Island Resort said: “Chef Oscar Bagattini is undoubtedly a great addition to the resort’s family. With his guidance and supervision on the new Beekeeping project, we will be able to provide one of the most important natural and organic supplements for our guests on breakfast with a 100% Local Qatari production.”

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