Posted on August 20, 2018

As Eid nears, beauty salons are receiving growing number of customers. “Beauty salons witness long waiting lists of customers during festivities,” said Maha Hamam AF Al Abdulla, owner of a beauty salon “Haya for home service, hotels and weddings”.

Speaking to The Peninsula, Maha said that beauty parlours had increased duty hours of the existing workers and trying to hire additional workers to meet growing demand of customers during festival seasons. She said that demands for the services of beauty salons increased significantly during festivals like Eid Al Fitr, Eid Al Adha and Qatar National Day. “The project ‘Haya for home service, hotels and weddings’ was established in 2010,” said Maha adding that she joined this business because there was an opportunity due to growing demand of beauty salon services among women and young girls in the community.

Regarding the services offered by beauty salons, Maha said her salon is offering all services like hair style, hair colour, pedicure, manicure, waxing, henna and many more. “We buy some products from Qatar and import others from India, Thailand, China and Kuwait,” said Maha, adding that her customers are citizens, expatriates and those belong to other GCC countries. She is also planning to expand her business to attract customers from all over Arab world. Speaking about financing of the project, Maha said that she did not take loan from any financial institution. Regarding the income, she said that the salon made pretty good profit and she wanted to take it to new height by further expansions.

Regarding the development of the business, Maha said that at first she  trained herself to be flexible and determined. She also made a plan of action that played a big role in the success of the project. Speaking about the beginning days of the project she said, “I was busy to the fullest and it was tough in the beginning but I focused very well on the plan and tried to manage my time. I did not put myself under pressure. And I kept on upgrading my plan whenever needed. I never gave up if it failed and I kept on struggling.”

For the qualities needed to be in an entrepreneur, she explained that one must have a leadership spirit, focus on quality of services, and marketing by all means of advertising in order to reach the targeted customers. She said that housewives  have a lot of responsibilities, but by managing the time they can do business of their choice. Maha praised her husband’s role in the success of her business venture as the first supporter of the project. She said that her husband always encourages her for her business and supported her and stood with her side by side at tough times. “My husband helped manage financial problems whenever needed,” said Maha.

For further boosting of her business, she said: “I want to participate in local, regional and international exhibitions to develop my business.” “Most of the projects need six months to a year to generate a reasonable return which covers the initial expenses and then start generating profits,” she added.

source: The Peninsula