Posted on November 08, 2017

Bedaya Center for Entrepreneurship and Career Development (Bedaya Center), a joint initiative by Qatar Development Bank and Silatech, concluded its month-long “career awareness program” with a tea session “Jalsat Karak”. They hosted local pioneers from diverse industries such as medicine, engineering, sports, hospitality, aviation, banking and other leading sectors in Qatar.

Bedaya Center insisted on concluding the program in an extraordinary way, characterized by the spontaneous response from entrepreneurs and pioneers, who shared their experiences with the youth and answered all their different questions and inquiries. The session was attended by leading local entrepreneurs, such as Mrs. Aisha Al Jassim, Dr. Hamda Abdallah Ali and Mrs.Rawda Abdallah Ali in the field of Medicine. Dr. Hamad Al Fayad and Mr. Faisal Al Haythami from the press and social media sector. Mrs. Amna Mojali and Mr. Mohamed Abdelaziz Shokri from the engineering and aviation fields. Mrs. Iman Al Abdallah and Mrs. Nada Al Solaiti from banking and marketing sectors and Mrs. Meead Al Imadi from the hospitality sector.

Bedaya concludes Career Awareness 2 [].jpg

On this occasion, Reem Al-Suwaidi, General Manager of Bedaya Center said," Today we witness the successful conclusion of the career awareness program that emphasised on the importance of career development through diverse activity.  Throughout the month of October, we focused on elaborating on the concept of career development and the specialization needed by the state in the coming years. We introduced the targeted groups of school students and different segments of Qatari society to the professional fields in Qatar. This was in addition to raising the awareness of parents about the importance of helping their children to choose professions that match their skills and aspirations. Furthermore, it provided a perfect opportunity for all groups to experience the professional options available."

“We conclude today this campaign in the presence of cream de la cream of local pioneers and entrepreneurs from diverse sectors who came specially to share with the audience their life experience from school days till their current positions, through which they are serving our beloved country,” she added.

During the “Career Awareness Campaign” Bedaya Center attracted specialists in the fields of education, healthcare, media, engineering, arts, aviation, communication, sports and business due to the increase in demand in these sectors. The speakers focused on several aspects such as identifying professional interests and self-awareness, linking interests to different career paths, how to acquire necessary qualifications and skills, how to attract key talent through interviews and tests, how to communicate with universities, and how to build a strategy for human materials besides sharing personal experiences of speakers.