Posted on October 29, 2017

Bedaya Center for Entrepreneurship and Career Development (Bedaya Center), a joint initiative by Qatar Development Bank and Silatech, in collaboration with well-known TV anchor and Ambassador of Qatar Cancer Society Asmaa Al Hammadi, recently held a discussion session at Market Café, in the presence of a brave cancer survivor Mrs. Asma Bu Jassoom.

During the session titled, “Prevention… A small step that goes a Long way”, moderated by Mrs. Al Hammadi, Mrs. Asma Bu Jassoom spoke about her journey with the disease and the methods of treatment that were followed to fight this battle. Her success encouraged her to share her experience with the attending ladies, spread the spirit of hope, and create awareness about the importance of early examination and screening to avoid the disease. During the discussion, the “Victorious” added that the support of family and friends is of paramount importance, as they are the ones who raise the morale of those infected with this disease. She said the availability of therapy and an excellent medical team helped her fight and overcome breast cancer.

“Despite the health and psychological state I experienced, I found another aspect of the disease and that was the passion and compassion that I felt from my family and friends,” Mrs. Bu Jassoom added. She informed the gathering that with psychological support, optimism and following the guidance of the specialized medical team, the treatment of this disease has become possible and to lead a natural life after recovery. The survivor concluded her discussion by talking about her experience with breast cancer, her treatment trips and the family support during all the stages of her recovery. “The experience has taught me to look at life in a better perspective and given me the understanding of life in a deeper meaning,” she said.

On this occasion, Reem Al-Suwaidi, General Manager of Bedaya Center, said,” Many breast cancer awareness campaigns are held globally, especially in October to push the community for screening and examination for early detection of the disease and ways to prevent it. We therefore, held a discussion session on this subject due to its importance and our keenness to contribute in spreading and raising awareness among the community about breast cancer and to support the efforts led by our wise government in this regard.”