Posted on October 04, 2018

City Centre Rotana Doha, in its continued pursuit towards connecting with its customers and enhancing partnerships, organized the second edition of Book Swap in association with Qatar’s prominent blog – Lemon & Mint. Hosted at the luxury hotel’s gourmet coffee-shop, Caramel Lobby Lounge, it offered a perfect platform to connect with the book readers’ community. 

While this was a great networking exercise, it also had a great corporate social responsibility (CSR) connect as this time the event was dedicated to support Cat Assistance Team Qatar. Cat Assistance Team (CAT) is a volunteer-based cat rescue group that raises fund to support cat rescue in Qatar. During the event, the attendees donated a small fee for every book they took home and the proceeds went to Cat Assistance Team Qatar.

In a Book Swap event at City 2 [].jpg

The exuberant ambience and the like-minded spirits of people blended well to make this event super success. One of the attendees, Caitlin Farinelli, said, “It has been an extremely well-organized event, which not only brought the book lovers community together, but it also had a social message attached – to rescue cats. We believe such small yet impactful initiatives go a long way in making our nation prosperous. As always, the Book Swap idea has been quite fantastic. We get to exchange books at a very nominal price and interact & discuss various aspects of life, business, governance with the people. I heartily congratulate the event hosts to offer us such an impressive platform and we would really be keen to be a part of such an event again & again.”

In a Book Swap event at City 3 [].jpg

On this occasion, Sena Catak - Director of Marketing & Communications, City Centre Rotana Doha, said: “After having delivered a successful Book Swap event earlier this year, we were quite confident to host the second edition with Lemon & Mint Blog owner Natalie and what better way to spread our wings than by partnering with Cat Assistance Team Qatar. They are doing an extremely incredible work in their field and we are proud to support this endeavor by way of hosting such small yet impactful events. Our elegant setting at Caramel Lobby Lounge has always mesmerized our guests with choice of its gourmet delights besides offering an amicable environ for book lovers. At City Centre Rotan Doha, we would always aim at bringing together the world of art, culture, music, food to enhance our offerings as well as blend our events with the social cause.”