Posted on April 16, 2015

The weekly Cabinet meeting, presided over by HE the Prime Minister Sheikh Abdullah bin Nasser bin Khalifa al-Thani, has issued a draft law regulating organ transplant, after taking note of the Advisory Council’s recommendations, said Gulf Times. 

As per the draft law, no organ, tissues or cells shall be transplanted from a living person to another living person except for saving the recipient’s life or for medical treatment, provided the transplant is the sole means for meeting this necessity, and that such transplant will not pose a severe danger to the donor’s life or health. The person shall have full eligibility to donate or leave a will for donating one or more organ, tissues or cells of his body as per a written declaration co-signed by two witnesses. 

In all cases, transplant of organs, tissues or cells shall be performed only by specialists after  medical examinations and the approval of the Medical Ethics Committee, set up by a health minister’s decision for each hospital licensed to carry out transplant operations. No human organ, part of it, tissues or cells shall be sold, purchased or otherwise got for a compensation of any nature. Inviting, advertising, promoting or brokering in such matters is also prohibited. 

Transplant of any organ, tissues or cells from a living person, even under his consent, is prohibited if such transplant will cause his death or cause one of the natural functions of his body to dysfunction permanently. The Cabinet also issued of a draft law enacting the commercial company law after considering the Advisory Council’s recommendation on the draft law. The draft law was issued to cope with new developments in the field of investment and to work for  simplifying and facilitating procedures related to the establishment of commercial companies through a single-window system.

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The draft law seeks to apply international standards to facilitate starting and doing business in Qatar, and attracting more investments in the State. The draft law includes the general rules of commercial companies, their types, transfer, integration, division, expiry and control over these companies, especially with regard to a public joint stock company, establishment procedures, share subscription, its board of directors and remuneration of board members, the company’s general assembly and its functions and the company capital. 

The Cabinet also approved a draft Emiri decision amending some provisions of Emiri decision No 15 of 2014 regulating the Cabinet. According to the draft law provisions, a Government Liaison Office, which will be affiliated to the Prime Minister, shall be established. A decision regulating it is to be issued by the Prime Minister. The Cabinet approved a draft Memorandum of Understanding between Qatar Authority for Standards and Specifications and the US - international examination and materials society. 

The Cabinet reviewed a letter by the Minister of Justice on the outcome of the Global Law Summit on the occasion of the passage of 800 years after Magna Carta Charter was agreed (London - February 2015) and took the appropriate decision.