Posted on May 08, 2016

CanDo, the most unique entertainment centre for children is now open at the Gate Mall, West Bay. CanDo is based on a one-of-a-kind entertainment concept that merges digital games with physical activities. This locally designed attraction is fitted with interactive games that combine physical energy, excitement and an opportunity to test the discovery skills of children aged 5 years and older. CanDo is divided into three fun zones: The Green Zone, where children generate energy through physical games such as jumping, rowing, cycling, balancing and dancing to charge up their unique CanDo battery.

This earned energy can then be redeemed in the Red Zone, where children can enjoy a 4D ride, games and attractions equipped with the latest technologies. They can also discover energy in the Yellow Zone by solving mind games and sensory activities. “Children are so consumed with electronics these days that they don’t really get any physical activity. CanDo combines their love for the digital world with physical activity to improve their physical development and wellbeing,” says Sara Abu-Issa, Managing Partner of CanDo

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CanDo is an exciting destination for the whole family to ‘Play, Learn & Energize’ in an interactive environment. It also offers many advantages to science education. Schools can take students on field trips to CanDo where they can gain an understanding of how energy works. CanDo was conceptualised in response to the need for a more holistic entertainment attraction, where children can exercise their bodies and their minds at the same time.

CanDo is a Qatari developed concept, which has been created to cater to a local community that is keen to explore new entertainment options for children. It is open daily from 10am-10pm, and Fridays from 1pm-11pm. CanDo is located on the 2nd floor at the Gate Mall, in West Bay.

For more information, visit CanDo Doha facebook page or send an email to:

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