Posted on October 18, 2013

Professionals are being lured abroad by the prospects of a career overseas, with nine in 10 of those working in the built environment sector considering a move.

Research into professional’s motivations to move abroad was conducted by specialist recruitment site, which revealed that the appeal of working overseas is considerable.

The prospect of greater salaries, better career opportunities and the chance to have a new experience has encouraged the majority of professionals to consider looking abroad for their next position. For half of professionals, the UK is simply becoming a less attractive place to work, with a perception of lower salaries and lacking workloads.

The locations with the most lure include Dubai (63%), closely followed by Abu Dhabi (61%) and Qatar (56%). This may be due to the perception that these countries offer the best salaries, and that there are more work prospects there. Indeed, six in 10 believe Qatar has more opportunities than the UK. These regions are closely followed by English-speaking countries, with professionals keen to work in Australia (48%), Canada (43%), the US (41%), and New Zealand (34%)..

Many professionals expressed an interest in moving to work on specific projects abroad, 55% would move to China to work on Sky City, and 68% would move to Singapore to work on The Sino-Singapore Tianjin Eco-city.


For many, this would not be a mere short-term trip: even although two-thirds already have experience of working abroad, half would move abroad on a long term basis.

Top 5 reasons for relocating:

1. Higher salary

2. Good career opportunities

3. Experience

4. Quality of life

5. Good employment benefits

Rob Searle, Commercial Director of, said: “Experience abroad can potentially boost professional’s employment prospects, by providing them with new opportunities and experiences. With such high levels of professionals considering a move abroad, it’s apparent that the UK is loosing its appeal and could now potentially be loosing many of its talented professionals to other countries.”