Posted on March 27, 2017

Centro Capital Doha took part in the Earth Hour 2017, the international move that aims to raise global awareness on climate change, energy consumption and worldwide environmental issues.

At 8.30 pm, the hotel switched off all non-essential and non-operational lights for 60 minutes at the entire premises without affecting the stay and the comfort of guests and residents. As the hotel switched off its lights for the duration of one hour, guests and visitors were encouraged to take part in activities that had been organized to fill the time slot. Furthermore, a dinner offering a range of international cuisine was presented in buffet style and prepared in a candlelit setting.

To carry forward the objective of energy conservation and create new and innovative ways to work towards greater environmental sustainability, hotels guests were encouraged to have a no towel-washing day, switch-off AC, TV and lights in their respective rooms. In addition to this the hotel, shared the message of “UNITING PEOPLE TO PROTECT THE PLANET” video on all social media channels. On this occasion, Luca Medda, General Manager of Centro Capital Doha said,” This is our first contribution to this worldwide initiative. This participation reflects our eagerness to interact with the global community to curb excessive consumption of energy and reminding everyone about the importance of rationalizing energy consumption and that every simple action taken by each of us can make a big difference”.

Earth Hour initiative is organized annually in various countries around the world to raise awareness of the threat of climate change and the need to rationalize electricity consumption and reduce carbon emissions to protect the Earth from climate change. This global initiative was set by the World Wildlife Fund in 2007, and received widespread global attention in record time turning it from a local initiative into a global one.