Posted on February 26, 2018

The CFA Society Doha recently hosted its first Qatar Career Development Day for investment professionals residing in Qatar. It brought together industry experts, professionals and key market participants from across Qatar. During the event, workshops were conducted for attendees to learn how communication, mindfulness and creativity can be used by investment professionals to create a competitive edge within Qatar.

The workshop, titled Mindfulness and Mediation was led by Jason Voss, CFA, Content Director at CFA Institute, focused on a number of objectives and goals for professionals. The workshop introduced the audience to the practice and benefits of meditation and how it can transform their working and daily lives. Attendees were exposed to understanding the differences between meditation and mindfulness, exploring powerful ways to overcome professional challenges and learning two key meditation skills that can be implemented at the workplace immediately.

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Part of CFA Society Doha's mission is to support the career development of investment professionals and help employers find the best candidates in financial services. With Qatar’s recent efforts towards self-sufficiency and using talent locally in the workforce, CFA Society Doha has incorporated these objectives into its strategy. The Society is encouraging investment professionals to become CFA charterholders and contribute toward the development of the investment and financial sector in Qatar. The workshop also featured Valeriu Nicolae - an ex secretary of state and high level European diplomat who has been a regular trainer on communication skills for Unicredit and Raiffeisen Bank as well as for European Institutions, Ministries of Foreign Affairs, UEFA, World Vision, ENEL and Amnesty International.

Commenting on the workshop, Valeriu said: “Communication skills are critical, and can help professionals build bonds, work better within teams, manage conflict, influence others and speak with greater confidence and authenticity. These may seem basic skills at first, but with the overwhelming tasks that professionals face daily, sometimes we lose sight of the basic communication principles at the workplace.”

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“As CFA Society Doha, we endeavor to provide professionals with access to the best career guidance available, while opening up opportunities for them to develop their skills and become productive, active professionals. Since the recent soft launch of the CFA job portal we have provided at least 16 job opportunities for our members which attracted over 300 applications. We seek to work hard with local institutions to promote self-sufficiency and make the most of local talent – all of which is only going to make Qatar stronger in the longer run. CFA Society Doha prides itself in providing its members the opportunities, expertise and tools that can help them develop a competitive edge in the Qatari job market.” said Bogdan Bilaus, President of the CFA Doha Society.

Currently, there are 170 CFA certified professionals in Qatar, and 725 candidates. The top employers of CFA Charterholders and candidates within Qatar include: Qatar Investment Authority, Qatar National Bank, Qatar Islamic Bank, Qatar Central Bank, KPMG, Ernst and Young, Qatar Petroleum, QInvest and Barwa Bank.