Posted on September 17, 2015
The Childhood Cultural Center (CCC) organized, in coincidence with the start of the new academic year, a number of workshops titled "Excellence Strategy” as part of its national contribution to creating an effective and productive workforce in the State of Qatar. The Workshops, targeting preparatory level students, were held during September 14-15, 2015.
The workshops were presented by Mr Mohammed Ali, human development and life skills trainer, and are organized within the CCC’s plan for school workshops for September. Around 90 preparatory school students, of both gender, benefited from these workshops. The workshops are intended to help train participants on pursuing academic excellence strategies, by providing them with basic knowledge, experience, skills and effective tools, which contribute to enhancing their ability to learn effectively, through interactive exercises and various educational activities, eventually leading to excellence and distinction.
Muna Al Mazroui, Director of Community Activities at the CCC, said: "The Childhood Cultural Center seeks through these workshops to prepare a generation equipped with education and culture, capable of serving their country in all fields, and trained to take up the responsibility of realizing Qatar National Vision 2030”. The main objective of the workshops is to develop the youngster’s mental capabilities and to instill values and principles of patriotism, loyalty to the homeland and social awareness in them. They are also aimed at identifying the pillars of success and how to achieve them, in addition to providing guidance in ways to acquire educational attainment skills, and to increase participants’ self-motivation for learning and success.
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Trainer Mohammed Ali spoke on the occasion addressing a number of themes, including excellence strategy, defining required result and attainment. Regarding excellence strategy, he underscored the need for students to set goals and work hard throughout the year to get the desired result, emphasizing the importance of flexibility in handling these issues. With regard to determining the desired outcome, he asserted the importance of being positive and optimistic, as well as the importance of clear definition of objectives and expected results, explaining how challenges and difficulties should be met in order to achieve our goals.
As for the extent to which students have benefited from the Excellence Strategy workshops, Esra Al Jumaili, a grade 9 student at Roqiya Independent Preparatory School for Girls: said: "I have learned from this workshop to overcome all kinds of challenges to move forward and achieve my goals and to enjoy competition.” Abdullah Al Harthi, a grade 9 student at Mohammed bin Jassim Al-Thani Independent Preparatory School for Boys said: "One of the first steps to success in life is to set clear goals and work to accomplish them. I have also learned how to realize goals”.
It is noteworthy that the CCC launched this month the “Promising Young Writers” program, which aims to promote Arabic language in terms of thought and creative content, and to provide opportunity for talented young people to demonstrate their literary abilities. The program’s training workshop will start on October 4th, to be followed by a talent contest, while doors are still open for participation in the “Promising Researcher Award” for students with a deadline of October 31, 2015 for receiving research works.