Posted on July 10, 2016

The Ministry of Economy and Commerce tweeted on Friday saying it has sent samples of Kinder chocolate to the central laboratory of the Ministry of Health for testing after reports that the chocolate contained mineral oil aromatic hydrocarbons (MOAHs). It is a step always taken by the authorities before taking any decision to withdraw the product from the markets and assure the customers that the product is safe for consumption and does not cause cancer or damage the human genome.

The ministry’s tweet has gone viral in the social media where many people urged the ministry to speed up its testing and publish the results. Since many people in Qatar have expressed their concern that some bars may contain a cancer-causing substance, and children are particularly at risk, they urged the Ministry to communicate with the food authorities in Europe, the US and other Arab countries to find out the facts. There is a need to activate the GCC alert center for food and medicine matters, said one of the tweets.

Some commented that if this is the case with well-known food brands, what is going to be the situation with other less famous brands which our children consume a lot. “Thanks for your concerns. Samples of the chocolate bars have been sent to the concerned authority for testing,” said the Ministry in its Twitter account, responding to public demands. The ministry’s interaction with the public on the issue was also appreciated by many commentators on the social media. Kinder Riegel bars are manufactured by Italian confectionery company Ferrero, which have not been pulled off shelves of shops in Qatar yet.

source: The Peninsula