Posted on October 25, 2012

The ad-hoc committee appointed by Public Works Authority (Ashghal) to enquire the incident of accumulation of clusters of storm water on some parts of Dukhan Highway at Shahaniyya area on Friday, 28th September 2012, has announced the preliminary results.

The ad-choc committee comprising of senior officials and specialists in technical and engineering fields, conducted study and research and identified all the technical potential reasons that led to the accumulation of water in this part of the highway.

The design consulting company has been instructed to submit a separate report clarifying the reasons that led to occurrence of this problem. The committee also reviewed the design and operational plans of the road and the official data of amounts of rain water at this area on the day, which is available with the concerned authorities in the state.

The report clarified that the main factor that caused accumulation of water on the road is a deficiency in the design of storm water drainage network in this area. The report pointed out that the design of storm water network in the affected area demands drainage system away from any one side of the main road such that the water to be directed through several collection points on the side of the road.

However, on this part of the highway, the other side of the road opposite to the lower part is an elevated surface and this led to increased volume of water flowing from these highlands to the right-of-way, and the drainage system that captures rainwater and discharges to the collection points was exhausted with capacity to intake the high volume of water and eventually the water began to accumulate on the right of way.

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The report also clarified that the result of the study points to the responsibility of the company who designed and supervised the project for this shortcoming. The design and supervision company is responsible for taking remedial measure to solve this situation.

Ashghal emphasizes its keenness in developing its supervision and control system to ensure implementation of projects as per required quality and international standards, and to seriously deal with any aspect of shortcomings or noncompliance with these standards, keeping up its commitment to full transparency in this regard. 

The technical cadre at the authority stresses on reviewing and approving the designs of projects only after ensuring that they conform to the specifications laid down for the project. Ashghal also make sure to verify all designs and specifications for highways that are currently being implemented or those in the design stage, and this includes design of rainwater drainage systems as per the nature and demand of each region, ensuring its efficiency and ability to discharge water.

As for the repair of deficiencies in the design of Dukhan Highway, the Authority has entrusted concerned sections to execute the drainage network system as recommended by the ad-hoc committee report.