Posted on January 18, 2014

Enterprise Banking, Commercial Bank’s dedicated unit for Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) recently hosted its 5th SME workshop at the Commercial Bank Majlis in Doha Golf Club.

Enterprise Banking supports the growth and success of SMEs in Qatar by providing value added services and tailored solutions such as workshops on topics relevant to their specific business needs. Titled: “Developing and maintaining a successful relationship with your bank,” the 5th SME workshop examined how customers and their bank can have a mutually beneficial relationship. Customer strategies to improve their banking relationship, such as the benefits of proper bookkeeping and greater transparency were emphasised.

The workshop was conducted by Graham Moores, Instructor at the College of the North Atlantic – Qatar (CNA-Q’s) School of Business Studies, who has over 25 years experience in industry and teaching. Nadeem Khan, Head of Enterprise Credit at Commercial Bank also spoke on the credit review process, the Bank’s reliance on a proper credit application and the Bank’s scope of due diligence. Mr. Khan also addressed pitfalls that customers can avoid in order to receive a fast and favourable credit response.

Kenneth Clark, Head of Enterprise Banking, Commercial Bank said: “The theme of this workshop centres on banking relationships, as our aim is to help our customers receive fast and favourable credit responses. We can better serve our customers if we build relationships based on trust, confidence in the information supplied to us, compliance with the Bank’s conditions and, a balanced expectation of what each party can deliver.”

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In welcoming the workshop participants, Gail Gosse, Dean, School of Business Studies, CNA-Q said: “CNA-Q School of Business is very proud of our partnership with Enterprise Banking, Commercial Bank. We have trained many of their staff in our business and banking programs. Today we are pleased to offer you, the fifth in a series of our workshops for Commercial Bank".

Graham Moores, Instructor, School of Business Studies, CNA-Q said: "More than ever, as companies become established and expand their businesses, their relationships with their bank are critical. Built upon a foundation of trust and confidence, the banking relationship is usually one for the long term. Taking time to better understands the dynamics of that relationship, and working hard to nurture it over time, is a key contributor to a company's overall success."

Commercial Bank’s SME workshops provide a platform for Enterprise Banking customers to meet and discuss with their peers on various matters and generate new ideas to benefit their business. Commercial Bank is committed to comply with Qatar’s National Vision 2030, which places emphasis on supporting the growth of SMEs as being the key constituent of the country’s economic future and diversification.