Posted on November 02, 2019

CONNECTED, Qatar Post’s international e-commerce parcel forwarding service, has earned the “Theqa” trust mark by Qatar’s Ministry of Transport and Communications (MoTC).

CONNECTED by Qatar Post earns 2 [].jpgCONNECTED’s latest seal of e-commerce excellence was announced during QITCOM 2019, Qatar’s largest information technology conference and exhibition organized by the MoTC. The trust mark program of MoTC was unveiled during the four-day event. The government-owned not-for-profit Theqa program was established and designed to support and stimulate Qatar’s e-commerce sector by instilling trust, confidence and credibility among consumers and businesses in the space. A Theqa trust mark is a MoTC-certified stamp of stringent safety and security standards for domestic e-commerce merchants.

“We are proud to have earned this stamp of approval from the highest governing body for Qatar’s fast-growing e-commerce space. Particularly for a platform that is connected to some of the world’s largest retailers and e-commerce markets, our focus has been on setting rigorous customer data protection, safety and security systems and processes for CONNECTED. Today, Theqa is proof of our success in doing just that. And it is an important milestone as we scale our network to new markets across the globe,” commented Faleh Al Naemi, Chairman and Managing Director of Qatar Post.

CONNECTED was launched by Qatar Post in 2016, opening access and virtual addresses for Qatar’s online shoppers to e-commerce retailers in the UK, the US, and, recently, Singapore. Through CONNECTED, customers can place their orders through their favorite online shops in these markets and have their parcels delivered to their doorstep through Qatar Post’s services. Customers also benefit from virtual consolidation on their shipments as well as free storage for up to 21 days.

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