Posted on June 02, 2013

Youth from Emirates Foundation were hosted in Qatar by ConocoPhillips earlier this month and participated in a variety of youth engagement activities. The visit came as a part of the youth development partnership between ConocoPhillips Qatar and Emirates Foundation for Youth Development that aims to support positive social impact and the development of youth skills in the UAE.

 The visit included 20 Emirati youth and 3 VIPs from Emirates Foundation as well as 18 Qatari youth participants from the Qatar Volunteer Center. The programme included cultural exchange visits and advising sessions in Health Safety, Security, Environment, and Science.

Training sessions were conducted by trainers from the College of the North Atlantic in Qatar and included training in personal security awareness, travel safety,crises management and emergency response team-building simulation exercises focused on realistic events. Other events during the sessions included guest student lectures, panel discussions and question and answer groups.

The youth delegates were also given a tour of the ConocoPhillips offices in Doha and the ConocoPhillips Global Water Sustainability Center (GWSC) to learn about the technology behind clean water supplies. 

The program involved a variety of Qatari youth aged between 18 and 28, some of whom were students and graduates of finance, accounting and engineering. Most participants had just started working in the private sector and had an interest in building cross-cultural relationships and gaining more experience. 

Khadeja Abuhaliqa, HSE and Security Coordinator at ConocoPhillips Qatar, was asked to speak to the delegates about their career choices and the development of their skills to maximize their market potential. 

In comment, Abuhaliqa stated: “I was appointed by the Emirates Foundation leaders to be a role model for the 40 participants from the UAE and Qatar. I was so happy to hear from some of them that they had already started to think about changing their career paths and university majors after they heard my story and my achievements. They said we believe that we can contribute more to the society and to be good role models like you.”

Upon the signing of the partnership last year, President of ConocoPhillips Qatar, Gary Sykes, commented: “We strongly believe that contributing to improving the quality of education in our areas of operation, helps to build vibrant, self-sustaining communities and represents an investment in developing local potential employees for our company and industry.” 

ConocoPhillips is engaged in numerous environmental, social, health and education programs around the world. This venture with Emirates Foundation is an addition to a constellation of corporate social responsibility programmes initiated by the company in the region.

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