Posted on June 12, 2013

Qatar Statistics Authority (QSA) has released the Consumer Price Index (CPI) for May 2013. The CPI reached 113.9, showing a decrease of 0.1% when compared to the CPI of April 2013, and an increase of 3.5% compared to the CPI of May, 2012.

A comparison of the CPI of May, 2013 with that of the previous month (CPI of April, 2013) by major groups, shows increases in“Food, beverages and tobacco”:  by 0.2%,“Garments and footwear”: by 0.2%. On the other hand, prices declined by 1.3% in“Miscellaneous goods & services”,by 0.1% in “Furniture, Textiles and Home Appliances”.

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The year-on-year comparison, comparing the CPI of May 2013 with that of May 2012, shows increases of 3.5% at the overall level. Increases were recorded in all groups except “Miscellaneous goods & services” where prices declined by 1.3%. The highest increases were recorded in the groups: “Entertainment, recreation and culture”: 7.0%, “Rent, Fuel and Energy: 6.5.

A CPI exclusive of “Rent, Fuel and Energy” group has also been calculated. After eliminating the effect of rent, the overall index reached 125.5, showing a little decrease of 0.1% compared to the CPI of April 2013, and an increase of 2.6% when compared to CPI of May 2012.

More details on consumer price indices are available on Qatar Statistics Authority’s Website: and QALAM:

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