Posted on February 13, 2014

Qatalum's management team and the organisation's Contractor Management team met on 9th February at the MIC Golf Club, to discuss current HSE Performance, Requirement, Issues and Challenges. This Contractor HSE Forum is held on a Quarterly basis, and provides an opportunity for all contractors working under the Qatalum umbrella to speak candidly with Qatalum's top management team, about challenges, equipment, performance and plans relating to Health, Safety and the Environment.

This quarterly meeting was initiated by Qatalum, and has since been emulated and adapted in other related industries too, as there is too seldom within enormous organisations the opportunity for a 'global' view of environmental health and safety challenges – which risk being absorbed within CSR initiatives or within a dedicated HSE department. This way, Qatalum believes, there is a regular and direct line of contact and communication between the contractors – who have a unique, on the ground perspective on all HSE issues – and the management team, without risking dilution through an unwieldy management structure.

Contractor HSE forum provides 2 [].jpg

This last event, on 9th February, was no different, with 51 representatives in attendance, including 17 from Qatalum management, and 34 Contractor management representatives, representing 22 contractors.

After a safety briefing and opening remarks by CEO Tom Petter Johansen (pictured), presentations were given on Qatalum's overall HSE performance; site access requirements in terms of 'fit to work', PIB request forms and vehicle access; the HSE plan for the 11kV Project, and a session on documentation from contractors. The last part of the forum was, by design, an open session, with full and frank debate encouraged. Plenty of Qatalum's management and contractor representatives took the opportunity to share ideas, raise issues, and plan the best way forward for everyone concerned.

In terms of this last session in particular, the Contractor HSE Forum achieved its goal of providing an open forum between Qatalum and Contractor Management, and from the perspective of Qatalum management, it was a unique chance to discuss with the contractors their HSE requirements, activities, and highlights of the past quarter, which allow the contractors to answer and ask questions alike.

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Said Tom Petter Johansen:"Qatalum's Health, Safety and Environment teams practice an open door policy to our contractors; no issue is off the table, and we encourage our contractors to approach is with problems, challenges and ideas at any time. But sometimes a dedicated forum can catalyse this process, and the Contractor HSE Forum is a great chance to really focus on HSE, and enhance our workplace safety and meet our environmental responsibilities".

"This is part of the 'Qatalum Way', combining the importance of ethics, drive, ability and attitude in what we do; and I'm grateful to so many contractors for having attended and been part of this vision", he said.