Posted on May 30, 2018

Qatar Cancer Society and the Center for Empowerment and Elderly Care (Ihsan) have signed a cooperation agreement in the field of health awareness towards cancer and raising awareness of all groups of society about the disease and how to prevent it. In addition to highlight the most important and efficient treatment methods for cancer.

The agreement was signed by DR Khalid bin Jabor Al Thani, Chairman of QCS and Mr. Mubarak bin Abdulaziz Al Khalifa, Executive Director of Ihsan. The agreement includes holding lectures and training courses for Ihsan employees in addition to facilitating the procedures of early screening for them and introducing them to the types of tests required for each type of cancer and teaches them about the importance of a healthy lifestyle to avoided cancer.

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For her part, Ihsan will facilitate the mission of QCS to organize training workshops and awareness seminars for the community in Qatar, in addition to supporting her in implementing awareness programs and activities and allocating part of the social responsibility allocations to help QCS in its awareness programs. HE DR Sheikh Khalid Bin Jabor Al Thani, Chairman of Qatar Cancer Society, praised the initiative of the Center for Empowerment and Elderly Care (Ihsan). He also pointed out that the partnership between the two sides was to strengthen efforts to combat cancer and raise awareness about it.

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He added to fight cancer we need to organize awareness programs in corporation with all organization all over Qatar, and we should do that continually and not linked the awareness to a specific period of time. He added that Qatar Cancer Society - in partnership with Ihsan - will provide programs for cancer awareness to all sectors of society in order to increase the awareness of society towards cancer and to break the fear of addition to highlighted the importance of early detection in raising the efficiency of treatment and help patients to overcome the disease and survive from it.