Posted on March 12, 2019

The Communications Regulatory Authority (CRA) resolved 92% of telecom consumers’ complaints received in 2018. CRA engaged with telecom service providers to resolve and discuss solutions for all the complaints, which were related to several topics such as billing, weak mobile network coverage, weak Internet speed, fixed-line disconnection and delays in service installation and activation.

CRA received 4,342 inquiries and 1,005 complaints from consumers about telecom services in Qatar, these complaints were evaluated by CRA based on a set of criteria to determine their validity to CRA’s complaint process; 603 were valid complaints and 402 were invalid, and CRA resolved 92% of the total complaints. CRA is working with the service providers to finalize the related investigation of the remaining ones and expects to resolve them during the coming weeks.

“CRA ensures that telecom consumers are aware of their rights and responsibilities; to this end, CRA provides them with related awareness tips through social media and outreach events to ensure that they have the best experience with telecom services. On the other hand, CRA works to resolve consumers’ complaints based on the Telecommunications Law, Telecom Consumer Protection Policy and a set of regulations, developed to ensure the provision of smart, innovative and high-quality services to the consumers in Qatar," said Amel Salem Al-Hanawi, Consumer Affairs Manager, CRA.

The statistics indicate that 68% of all complaints were related to mobile services; 47% of mobile services complaints were related to billing issues including excess billing for postpaid services, and uncased decrease in the credit balance for prepaid services. Service disconnections complaints were 11% out of the mobile complaints and weak mobile network coverage complaints for both indoor and outdoor were 8% out of it.

As for fixed-line services, the statistics indicate that it was 32% of the total complaints; out of these complaints 36% were related to service disconnections, while 35% related to billing, 15% related to delay in fixed-line service transfer, installation or activation, and 5% were related to slow Internet speed.

Under CRA’s telecom complaint resolution process; consumers with a complaint are free to approach the CRA if their complaint lodged directly to their service provider about a mobile service disconnection remains unresolved for 48 hours, or 72 hours in case of fixed-line disconnection. In addition, consumers can lodge a complaint to CRA if they applied for a new fixed-line service and their service was not installed after 10 working days since the submission of the application, and the complaint remained open with the service provider for 48 hours with no alternative solution provided. Also if the complaint is not related to a service disconnection and remains unresolved for 30 calendar days or they are dissatisfied with the resolution offered by the service provider and the complaint was closed.

Telecom consumers can lodge a complaint to CRA through different channels:  from Qatar through CRA’s  24/7 hotline number (103), 00974 44069938 from overseas, CRA’s email address, CRA’s mobile application “Arsel”, CRA’s twitter account @CRAqatar, filling CRA’s complaint form on the website, or by visiting the CRA’s headquarters at Al Nasr Tower B.