Posted on January 11, 2020

The governor said his organisation was pleased to collaborate with HMC in the improvement of the country’s healthcare infrastructure and the provision of care for Qatar’s elderly.

“The opening of the Daam Specialised Care Center marks the culmination of the projects and initiatives that we have implemented in collaboration with the Ministry of Public Health and Hamad Medical Corporation. The health sector in Qatar has seen significant developments over the past years, thanks to the combined national efforts to ensure the delivery of high-quality healthcare, as best befits Qatar and its citizens,” Sheikh Saoud said.

The Daam Specialised Care Center is connected to the Enaya Specialised Care Centers via a link bridge, allowing for efficiencies in staffing, equipment and space. Chief of Continuing Care at HMC Mahmoud al Raisi said patients will be transitioned to the new facility in the coming weeks. “The first and second floors of the facility will provide care for elderly patients who require long-term mechanical ventilation, while the third and fourth floors will care for older adults with dementia, other forms of cognitive impairment and those who require functional rehabilitative care”, he said.

He added that unlike a traditional hospital environment, the Daam Specialised Care Center has been tailored to meet the needs of longer-term care patients. He noted that all rooms are private, have enough space to accommodate family and include an en suite bathroom. They also feature a wide range of artworks from a number of renowned Qatari artists. The centre has been designed to be warm and as home-like as possible and is a step in the right direction to alleviate waiting times in hospitals.

source: Qatar Tribune