Posted on February 02, 2018

The Committee for Building Maintenance and Demolition at the Ministry of Municipality and Environment issued a total of 21 decisions for demolitions and maintenances in last four months of 2017. The decisions include 18 demolitions and three maintenances. The committee received a total of 18 cases during the past four months, said a release.

The committee is assigned to conduct study about the conditions of ramshackle buildings or those require maintenance. The job of the committee is to inspect the buildings if it is needed to do so and to take necessary decisions in this regards- asking for conducting maintenance or demolition partly or completely. The decisions are to be taken as per the safety requirements according to the specification of the Ministry under the rules and regulations of the Law No. 29 of 2006. The committee is also asked to take appropriate decisions about the targeted building giving a complete condition of it including risks posed by the building to the residents, neighbours, passerby and adjacent facilities.

A per the law, the initiatives in this regards will be taken by the owners of the buildings and the municipality concerned. The committee is responsible to send the decisions to the municipality concerned within three days from the date of the issuance of the decision in a bid to take the necessary action. As per the law, the committee is led by the director of Doha Municipality and members of the committee will be director of Al Rayan Municipality, Director of Legal Affairs Department, Director of Urban Planning Department, Director of Technical Affairs Department at Doha Municipality, a representative from General Department of Civil Defense at the Ministry of Interior.

The committee is to hold meeting in a month to finalise the requests submitted by the municipalities concerned.