Posted on April 29, 2018

Everybody appreciates beautiful things, and smartphones are no exception. Appearance is a major consideration when consumers are choosing which phone to buy.

Smartphone size has gone through a process of evolution, starting out large, then becoming smaller, and then back towards larger again. Today, users prefer large-screen devices for greater viewing comfort when reading, playing games, and watching videos. But an excessively large body makes single-handed grip and operation more difficult. Device makers seeking a balance between these two considerations led to the development of the bezel-less display. A high screen-to-body ratio not only solves this problem, but also lends smartphones an even more impressive appearance.

Huawei recently launched the new Huawei nova3e, featuring a FullView Display. With a stylish minimal notch design in the display, this model features a slim, compact body and a 5.84”Full-HD screen (5.7”with rounded corners), and an industry-leading screen-to-body ratio. Meanwhile, the 19:9 aspect ratio underscores the body length while enabling a better grip.

What is So Special about Huawei nova 3e?

Let’s first consider how mobile phone screens have evolved. There have been several standard screen-to-body ratios throughout the course of smartphone history, with the initial 4:3 and 16:9 ratios having been phased out. With the emergence of bezel-less displays, the 18:9 aspect ratio has become a standard feature among many smartphone vendors. Some also produce handsets with a 17:9 or 18.5:9 aspect ratio, designed for a superior user experience.

Nevertheless, few smartphones can offer a 19:9 aspect ratio like that of Huawei's 5.84”Full-HD devices. A slender body enables a more comfortable grip, enhancing the overall user experience. The design of the Huawei nova 3e represents a number of technological breakthroughs.

First of all, in order to increase the screen-to-body ratio to achieve ultra-slim bezels, Huawei nova3e designers overcame numerous challenges. Unlike the traditional FullView display design, Huawei nova 3e features Huawei's first special electrical connection scheme, in which the wire protector is welded onto the outer frame instead of to the mainboard. This limits the space occupied by the wire protector to the thickness of the phone itself, resulting in a slimmer and more streamlined body

Meanwhile, in order to maximize the display area and screen-to-body ratio while matching the fluid curves of the handset body, the four corners and notch of the Huawei nova3e display also feature rounded edges. In order to improve the appearance of the notch and the display when curving the edges of the screen, Huawei developed a new solution for film mask. In developing the color film substrates, a light to dark gradient effect was achieved by adjusting the transmittance of display pixels positioned along the side and corner areas. This softens the appearance of the display edges, which would otherwise be angular.

A seemingly simple 19:9 aspect ratio is one small manifestation of Huawei’s pursuit of perfection in smartphone design. It is this meticulous attention to enhancing every detail that allows the Huawei nova3e to bring consumers the best user experience and product enjoyment, whether they are reading, playing games, watching videos, or viewing web pages.