Posted on June 03, 2013

Doha Film Institute’s  (DFI) Gulf Film Development unit (GFD)  will start thethird round of Tahaddi: ‘7 Day Film Challenge,’ which provides aspirant film professionals with invaluable insights into the filmmaking process spanning story structure, brainstorming, screenwriting, preproduction, filming, and postproduction, all in seven days.

Tahaddi: ‘7 Day Film Challenge,’ will be held from 16th to 23rd June 2013. It aims to provide participants without professional experience with an informal, supportive and fun environment in which to find their filmmaking feet. It will also allow GFD to spot potential new talent and foster a growing film community.


The workshop is open to 18 participants with 4 scripts selected for filming. As part of the training process, the participants will join the crew in various roles such as Camera operators, producers and actors. The films produced will be limited to duration of one to three minutes.

Part of GFD`s education and training strategy, Tahaddi: ‘7 Day Film Challenge,’ is a long-term development programme for aspiring filmmakers, aimed primarily at people who have never made a short film, or who have experimented with making films but never really organised themselves to a higher level.