Posted on August 12, 2012

Continuing its initiative of providing education and vocational training workshops under the Gulf Development Unit (GDU), Doha Film Institute (DFI) will be launching its second programme, ‘Films Tawash’, a workshop geared towards producing short films.

‘Films Tawash’ will run every day from September 1st to 4th from 7pm to 9:30pm at Building 21 in Katara. The workshop will be open to everyone, from established producers in television and theatre to aspiring filmmakers and newcomers, via application online at

‘Films Tawash’ will offer participants the opportunity to learn basic skills and concepts involved in making short films including the role of the producer and director, the craft of screenwriting, budget creation, location scouting, and the processes involved in casting, shooting, and editing.

Abdullah Hassan Ahmed, an Emirati producer, director and one of the founders of the UAE film industry, will lead the workshop. His works have received many awards, including the Best Film at the first edition of the Gulf Film Festival and Best Director at Arab Film Festival 2008 in San Francisco, and have screened at festivals in countries such as France, Japan and Holland. He is currently managing Faradees production company, where he has produced and directed many successful Emirati films and television shows.

Participants will analyse and discuss four of Abdullah’s short films, ‘Tinback’, ‘Soora Naqesa’, ‘Sabeel’ and ‘Asghar Min Alsama’a’, and look at the roles of the producer, director and writer in every stage of the filmmaking process from script to screen.

Abdullah said: “I am honoured to have this opportunity to educate up-and-coming filmmakers on the craft and share the insights I have gained throughout my career. Short films may not carry the same commercial weight as feature films, but the format is equally as powerful, dramatically speaking. Just as important, short films serve as a necessary intermediate step before tackling the logistical challenges of making a feature film.”

Mahdi Ali Ali, Manager of the Gulf Development Unit, said: “We are delighted to have someone as talented and accomplished as Abdullah running this workshop. His expertise and DFI’s other educational programmes will help filmmakers build on their skills and help continue to shape Qatar’s film industry.”

The Gulf Development Unit is the latest in a series of film education and training initiatives launched by DFI for filmmakers in Qatar and the GCC region. The Unit will introduce further workshops including short film production, acting for film and other development programmes.