Posted on February 24, 2015

Doha College organised and hosted Qatar's inaugural national inter-school Arabic Language Competition where Secondary students from various schools came together to celebrate Arabic learning. Three schools took part, the hosts Doha College, Qatar Canadian School and the American School of Doha began the competition by singing a number of Arabic songs during break time to spectators comprising of Doha College staff and students. 

Following this, the Secondary students participated in puzzles and a high-tech treasure hunt using iPads technology to hunt for clues which tested their Arabic reading and speaking skills. All students participating were over 11 years old and were not native Arabic speakers, encouraging those to learn Arabic as a second language. After the competition, students and staff were treated to traditional Arabic delicacies, namely shawarmas which went down a treat. This was an opportunity for students and staff from different schools to mingle and network.

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"The inaugural Inter-School Arabic Language Competition was a major occasion for our students to have fun with the Arabic language, which to all competitors was learnt as a Foreign Language. Students did very well in the spelling contest and loved the Treasure Hunt game using their iPads. I think the Modern Foreign Languages Department at Doha College have laid down the foundation for an exciting event in which other schools will hopefully join next year. Special thanks to the American School of Doha and the Qatar Canadian School for their tremendous contribution and support." Mr Nacef, Head of Arabic and organiser of the event.

"It was wonderful to see schools working in collaboration to make the learning of Arabic exciting and fun. The students and staff worked hard to ensure participants gained the most from the opportunities available to them. I'd particularly like to thank Mr Nacef for his vision, creativity and enthusiasm for setting up this inaugural Arabic Language Competition." Miss Teresa Woulfe, Senior Vice Principal and Head of Secondary. Overall, the event was a massive success and will definitely be repeated next year, hopefully with participation from more schools. This was part of Doha College's initiative to bring diversity and fun to the curriculum and enhance the accessibility and learning of Qatar's national language.