Posted on September 01, 2019

Doha College has just announced some exciting news with the unveiling of a refreshed brand, which heralds the exciting evolution of the College in Qatar, and pays tribute to the standing of a British-style education internationally.

The refreshed logo, while minimalistic in design and not too different from its predecessor, manages to capture, quite comprehensively, the essence of this leading British International School. The sails, which have always been integral to Doha College’s insignia, represent a transformative and progressive journey commensurate with the positive growth-mindset philosophy which underpins learning at the College.  The gold underline speaks volumes about the College’s reputation for quality, and touches on the sandy tones of its host country, Qatar.

Dr Steffen Sommer, Principal of Doha College, spoke about this milestone moment in the life of the school: “I am very proud to announce the launch of our refreshed brand as we stride forward as the world’s leading High-Performance-Learning School. It marks the year of our 40th anniversary and the start of a new chapter, the next 40 years of grand, unprecedented successes at Doha College. Our brand, and the aspirations it stands for, are well known. As we move towards the opening of our iconic 21st-century state-of-the-art campus in September 2020 and grow in size, we are embracing a contemporary identity that nods to our history and clearly affirms who we are.

Our refreshed identity has our name Doha College in its centre. While staying true to the notable achievements of the last 40 years, the logo encapsulates, in its heart, a modernised identity based on the very essence of what Doha College stands for. As the leading educational establishment in Qatar and one of the most innovative British International Schools worldwide, we are well placed for making a lasting contribution to the shape of a British-style education internationally.”