Posted on April 27, 2014

Dr. Khalid Al Khater, the Director of Research and Monetary Policy at Qatar Central Bank, was recently at Georgetown University in Qatar to give a talk on the Qatari economy and the challenges of conducting macroeconomic policy. Dr. Al Khater speaks at Georgetown University[].jpg

In his presentation, titled "The Macroeconomic Management Framework in Qatar & GCC States: A Proposal for Reform," Dr. Khalid provided a brief overview of the Qatari economy and its transformation over the last few decades, discussed how monetary policy in Qatar is conducted, and analyzed how recent changes in the economic environment, both within Qatar but also abroad, call for a re-evaluation of the macroeconomic framework in the region.

The talk, moderated by Dr. Alexis Antoniades, an assistant professor of economics at GU-Q, was well-attended, with more than 100 audience members who included students, faculty, development experts, business community members, and citizens and residents of Qatar.

During the question and answer period, GU-Q student Mohammed Al-Kuwari (Class of 2015) asked: "Since there is an expected inflationary pressure on the Qatari economy in the future due to the projected increase in mega projects around the country and, as we know that the peg of the Qatari Riyal to the American dollar is undervaluing the Qatari currency, in the future, are there any plans to change the value of the peg?"  Dr. Al Khater replied that Qatar does not expect a huge inflationary pressure but a gradual increase, which the Central Bank and the authorities can deal with. Because of that, Qatar is not planning to change the value of the peg.

Dr. Antoniades said, “At GU-Q we are fortunate to have excellent students and exciting speakers with substantial expertise to come together and discuss issues that are of relevance to those living in Qatar and the region. With Dr. Al Khater, we are particularly privileged to have him here as he is one of the most prominent economists in the region.”

Dr. Al Khater, through his personal capacity as a scholar with expertise in political economy and monetary policy, has spoken at the University annually for the last five years. He was also a Scholar in Residence at GU-Q during the 2012-13 academic year.  His views express his own views and do not represent the official view of the Qatar Central Bank.

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