Posted on December 10, 2016

The Public Works Authority of Qatar ‘Ashghal’ has today announced the completion of approximately 95% of the Dukhan Highway Central project. The project, which forms part of Ashghal’s Expressway Programme, is expected to be complete in Q1 2017 and will establish a 15 kilometre strategic link from the west of Doha to Al Sheehaniya and other key future public venues and residential areas.

Ashghal achieved this significant construction milestone through the completion of a 1.5 kilometre tunnel, a 2.2 kilometre extension of Al Rufaa Street and other flyovers and local link roads. The tunnel, flyovers and local link roads will be open to traffic on Friday 9 December 2016. The tunnel will provide an underground route that extends from the Mall of Qatar to the Dukhan Highway, facilitating a free-flowing one way route underneath the Al Jahhaniya Interchange that will enable local and recreational road users to seamlessly reconnect with traffic heading towards Doha.

The tunnel is comprised of 34 structural units, with sophisticated mechanical and electrical equipment, including a central control room which will monitor the operation of the roadway on a 24 hour basis, ensuring the safety and protection of road users. The Public Works Authority has also constructed parallel internal corridors to provide an emergency passage for pedestrians, and powerful ventilation systems to ensure that the tunnel has sufficient air levels at all times. Ashghal began excavating land for the 1.5 kilometre tunnel in 2014, moving over 450,000 cubic metres of material to enable the construction of the tunnel itself. Approximately 125,000 cubic metres of concrete and close to 10,000 tonnes of asphalt were utilised to build the efficient new transport route.

The completion of the tunnel is one of several milestones achieved on the Dukhan Highway Central project in the past month, with the project team completing a 2.2 kilometre extension of Al Rufaa Street and multiple link roads and flyovers connecting to and from the Dukhan Highway. The extension of Al Rufaa Street will create direct access points for road users to and from North Road to Doha, providing two lanes in each direction and enhancing mobility to key public venues, including the Al Rufaa Celebration Hall Complex. The project is being constructed by a joint venture contractor Consolidated Contractors Group and Teyseer, with WS Atkins & Partners Overseas serving as the supervision consultant.