Posted on February 21, 2012

The Katara Gallery announced an exclusive partnership with EOA.Projects, the gallery arm of the renowned arts initiative Edge of Arabia, to showcase an exhibition entitled, Bending History.

The first of its kind, the exhibition will open at 7.00pm on Thursday 8th March and run until Sunday 8th April 2012 at Katara Gallery, Building 19, Doha.

Bringing together famous artists from the Arab world, Abdulnasser Gharem, Ahmed Mater, Sara Al-Abdali, and Saeed Salem who will exhibit their artwork at this exclusive exhibition. The four talented Saudi artists will express the hopes and fears of a new generation in an era of great turmoil and transformation in several iconic pieces of artwork.

Ahmed Mater, Magnetism

Commenting on the exhibition, Sidonio Costa Artistic, Director and Head Curator of Katara Art Centre said: “I am delighted to present these fantastic Saudi artists to the art lovers of Doha. Their works portray the voice of the new generation, expressing themselves through powerful art. The exhibition is a testimonial of Katara’s mission to cultivate an artistic community whilst building cultural bridges.”

Currently also exhibited at the British Museum’s Hajj: Journey to the Heart of Islam exhibition, artist Ahmed Mater will showcase his work Magnetism, an image of a cube magnet at the centre of thousands of iron filings resembling the symbolic, pure and spiritual ritual of tawaf, the circumambulation of the Kaa’ba. Earlier works on display include Yellow Cow Cheese and Cowboy Code.

When his Message/Messenger installation sold for a record high at an auction in Dubai last year, Abdulnasser Gharem became the highest selling living artist in the Gulf.  Gharem will present a selection of his signature works, including Men at Work, Siraat (The Path), The Stamp that is inscribed with the phrase ‘Have a bit of Commitment: Inshallah.’ “It is often assumed the divisions in Saudi Arabia are religious or political” says Abdulnasser Gharem, “but they are really between the old and the new. I think after the Arab spring a lot of people in Saudi have realised it’s time for the next generation to move up - challenging our past, reclaiming our future, and bending history.“

Men at work

Known as one of Saudi’s first street artists Sara Al-Abdali will present her work Makkah Street Sign, which represents a sign pointing to Makkah’s skyline overlooking a barely visible Kaa’ba. Artist Saeed Salem will show his work Neonland, an iconic symbol of Jeddah and a futuristic “ball of consumer energy” as described by the artist.

Katara Gallery has organized a series of workshops, hosted by the artists which will take place alongside the exhibition. Art enthusiasts are invited to join the walk through, for more information please email: