Posted on April 28, 2019

The Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany has issued an advisory to Qatari citizens and expatriate residents to plan their travel itinerary and visa application as early as three months prior to the planned departure date to avoid delays in processing entry permits to Schengen countries during the peak season months of June to September. The prospective travellers to Germany, Austria, Finland, Norway and Slovenia can submit their visa applications at the VFS Global Visa Application Center for Germany in the city of Doha.

A spokesperson from the Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany in Qatar said: “The Embassy’s goal is to process visa applications promptly to issue Schengen visa within a maximum 15-day time frame. However, it is prudent for travellers to consider that the increase in the number of applicants, particularly during the expected peak season from June-September has an impact on the procedures. It is in this context that we recommend preparing application forms and supporting documents in line with the requirements listed on the Embassy’s website and to ensure that they adhere to the checklists for the different visa types. The required documentation is based on the Visa Code of the Schengen Agreement. Early travel planning and visa application helps seamless processing.”

The advisory also recommends travellers to exercise caution and avoid using service providers for preparing visa applications and supporting documents. VFS Global is neither involved in job placement or immigration-related services nor does it charge a fee for such services. Travellers must exercise caution towards fraudulent entities which guarantee immigration, employment or visas in lieu of upfront payment.

Commenting on the need for advance travel preparations, Mr Vinay Malhotra, Regional Group COO for Middle East, South Asia & China, VFS Global, said: “Germany is a preferred tourist and business destination. Each year we notice a hike in travel from Qatar to Germany between June to September. Early visa applications will help travellers to avoid last minute hassles and it will also give ample time for the Embassy to evaluate the submissions. Visa applicants should also note that the VFS Global Visa Application Center for Germany in Doha represents and accepts applications for Austria, Finland, Norway and Slovenia for the issuance of Schengen visa.”

Key features of the centres include:

  • Access to the Premium Lounge facility with personalised service by dedicated staff
  • Extended operating hours enabling visitors to submit applications at their time of convenience
  • Doorstep delivery of passports
  • SMS notifications on application status 
  • Online tracking of application status
  • Dedicated website for easy access to end-to-end information including visa categories, requirements, document checklists and applicable fees
  • Dedicated contact centre and email support to answer queries and track application status

The German Visa Application Centre operated by VFS Global in Doha is located at 1st Floor, Abdul Jaleel Business Center, Airport Road, Al Matar Street. Visa applicants can direct their queries and appointment requests to the call centre number +974 44231162 or communicate with the centre at