Posted on June 05, 2019

The Emergency Department, Paediatric Emergency Centres and Ambulance Service at Hamad Medical Corporation (HMC), recorded the routine number of cases on the first day of Eid al-Fitr. About 1,600 emergency cases were reported at all the four paediatric emergency centres around the country. Al Sadd recorded about 1,000 cases, Al Rayan centre had a total of 322 cases, Airport centre received more than 200 and Al Daayen about 85 cases.

“This year, we had less number of cases compared to last year. At Al Sadd emergency alone we receive more than 1,400 on a peak day. So we had very less number of cases this year. Most of these cases were simple ones,” said Dr Mohamed al-Amiri, deputy director, Paediatric Emergency Department, HMC. “Only one case was slightly serious with some myocardial issues due to some viral illness. The child was immediately sent to the Intensive Care Unit at HMC. There were also two cases of hypoglycemia. All the others were routine cases,” explained Dr al-Amiri. 

At the Emergency Department at Hamad General Hospital, 439 cases were reported, including 302 males and 137 female patients. Similarly, 178 patients, including 96 males, were treated at Al Wakra Hospital. “Most of the cases were routine ones and patients were sent back after the treatment. Eight patients were admitted at HGH and four at Al Wakra. Most of the cases were simple ones while there was one cardiac case at HGH. The major cases were related to digestive and respiratory diseases,” said Dr Galal Alessai, consultant, Emergency Medicine and vice chairman of Corporate Affairs at HMC Emergency Department. 

Meanwhile, the Ambulance Service at HMC attended to 220 cases on the first day of Eid. “The Ambulance Service has deployed 98 vehicles all around the country. There were only three minor traffic accidents attended today. All the other were medical cases and all of them were attended on time,” noted Ahmed al-Bakri, operations manager, Ambulance Service, HMC. “All the major venues of entertainment and festivities are monitored by the Ambulance service. We have stationed the vehicles at places such as Katara, Souq Waqif, Malls, beaches among other places. We had also stationed vehicles at major mosques and other prayer sites during the prayer time early morning ,” added al-Bakri.

source: Gulf Times